TrusKa Hose Reel Traveler irrigator are designed for performance under the toughest irrigation conditions. Which can handle fields of different shapes and sizes and easy to transport for irrigating fields at different locations.

hard hose irrigator 300d

Motor Drive Traveler Irrigator

Microcomputer and touch screen control , M50, M75, M90 series

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hard hose irrigator 300 turbine driving

Turbine Drive Traveler Irrigator

Turbine drive with 4 speed gearbox, T75 series

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TrusKa  Rocker Arm Rain Gun Sprinkler and Turbo Vortex  Rain Gun Sprinkler are ideal for a wide range of applications.  Agricultural irrigation,  Wastewater reuse, Pasture irrigation, Landscaping, Hose reel traveler irrigator, Large area irrigation projects, Dust control , Stadium sprinkler irrigation etc.

Model AA50,TV45, TV70  Rain Gun Sprinkler are the most commonly used models for TrusKa T75, M50, M75, M90 series Hose Reel traveler irrigator.

Rocker Arm Extended Spray Gun MA50 24°

Rocker Arm Gun Sprinkler

Maximized throw gun AA40~AA80

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Turbo Vortex Spray Gun TV50

Turbo Vortex Gun Sprinkler

Excellent atomization gun TV40~TV70

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High Quality Pump, Quick Coupling or High-pressure Irrigation Water Belt etc .  Be your reliable option parts.

quick coupling

Quick Coupling

Sturdy durable, drop and corrosion resistantant

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Deep Well Pump

Specially developed for narrow drilled wells

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high pressure irrigation water belt

High Pressure Irrigation Water Belt

Canvas Polyurethane Material, 1.6MPA for Hard Hose Travler Irrigator


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