Center Pivot Irrigation System

Big Scale Water-saving and high-quality Center Pivot irrigation System



JRP Center Pivot machine consist of a lateral circulating around a fixed pivot point. 

The lateral is supported above the field by a series of A-frame towers. Each has two driven wheels at the base. Depending on field layout, the pivot may complete a full circle or only part segments.

Adaptable for:

Pastures irrigation; Wheat, barley, Chickpeas, Lentils; Soybeans, Maize, Corns, Sunflower;

Leafy vegetables, Potatoes, Watermelons, Groundnuts, Lucerne, Perennial etc.

Fixed Center Pivot

The pyramidal structure of the central pivot is fixed to a square reinforced concrete platform.  Remarkable strength and stability ensure unobstructed spraying of the irrigation system on various uneven terrain.  

Steel Structure

JR produces all the frameworks take high-quality steel with hot-dip galvanized processed, which gives it a greater resistance both to its own weight and water contents, as well as to the lateral effects caused by wind loads.


Main Water Pipe

Natural rubber lining on the inside, hot-dipped galvanized steel on the outside

Standard with 3/4” couplers and 1” drain

image 2


Pivot Irrigation System-JRP Series
Span Diameter (mm) 254
Thickness of Pipe (mm) 3.2
Kind of Span Materials Hot-dip Galvanized  304 Steel Pipe
Aluminum Pipe
Hot-dip Galvanized Pipe with Poly Span Inside
Pipe Diameter (mm) 141mm, 41.15~61.26m
168mm, 41.15~61.26m
203mm, 34.44~54.86m
254mm, 34.44~41.15m
Overhead Length  (m) 6.7~26.8m
Connection between Spans Truss Rod (mm) Aluminum Clamp and Rubber Gasket
Truss Rod (mm) 22mm, 19.1mm, 17.5mm
Max. Slope 30°

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