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irrigation machinery

TrusKa Automation irrigation machinery are widely applied for agriculture irrigation, forestry irrigation, pastures irrigation, urban gardens, landscape, gulf courses, stockyards, sports fields; and Gun Sprinklers also can apply for dust suppression needs in coal mines, power plants, steel plants, docks, and other industrial enterprises where dust is serious. ​

reel traveller irrigator TK90-300D

Motor Drive Hose Reel Traveler Irrigator

M Model irrigator, Microcomputer and touch screen control rewinding system

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hard hose irrigator 300 turbine driving

Turbine Drive Hose Reel Traveler Irrigator

T Model irrigator, Turbine drive rewinding sytem with 4 speed gearbox

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Center Pivot Irrigation System

JRT Model, Center Pivot machine consist of a lateral circulating around a fixed pivot point

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Rocker Arm Extended Spray Gun MA50 24°

Rocker Arm Rain Gun Sprinkler

AA Model gun sprinker, Maximized throw feature, Great longevity & durability performance

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Turbo Vortex Spray Gun TV40

Turbo Vortex Rain Gun Sprinkler

TV Model gun sprinker, Excellent atomization effect, can spray treated wastewater to agriculture or required sites directly.

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AA80 spray gun

Rocker Arm Big Gun AA80 Sprinkler

Adjustable angle 16°~ 46°, Excellent nebulization and Far throw radius

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Essential Resources. For Life

Water is a precious and scarce resource that must be carefully managed to ensure a viable and sustainable future. We protect water by minimizing waste, inefficiency, shortage, discomfort, and inaccessibility, wherever the flow of water is needed.  Optimize our Irrigation Machinery to combine maximum efficiency with all forms of Environmental Protection.

Supported by Experts

Our engineers, workers, and service teams are equipped with expert knowledge in the industry. We have the resources to troubleshoot, analyze, and solve even your most complex issues.

Cost Savings

Easy operation and energy-saving irrigation. The particular attractive price-performance ratio guarantees are cost-effectiveness of your investment.

Professional OEM Maker

Based on our high-quality materials and precise manufacturing systems, our certified OEM machineries are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment standards.

Principle Values

Reliability, Affordability, and Practice are the basis for our constant principle of effort. And for addressing the needs of our customers in subtle detail.

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