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TrusKa Machinery is a comprehensive company integrating research and development, production, sales and prompt after-sales service of water-saving irrigation machinery.  We have passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 certifications. And our irrigation machinery has been awarded the honorary titles of China Quality Product, Government Purchasing Recommended Product, National Assessment Trustworthy Product, and China Green Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Product, and so on.

TrusKa Irrigation machinery and Sprinklers are widely used in agriculture, forestry, urban gardens, landscape, irrigation & fertilization systems for various large-scale greenhouses, fields; Dust control in coal mines, power plants, steel plants, docks and other industrial enterprises where dust are serious.

Be proud of our senior engineering team, experienced workers and precise production systems. Strict selection of high-quality materials, strong R&D ability and high quality products can meet the high demand of customers;

Be a good irrigation manufacturer saving our limited water resources.

Our mission

Water is an important resource for life. Human beings, animals, and plants, all need water. 

Water consumption for irrigation is a significant proportion of overall water consumption and we are very concerned about energy saving in our irrigation machinery design and production.

We are proud to do our part as a producer of Irrigation Machinery and support global Users to create or maintain a great environment for us all.

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TrusKa is one member who loves and  protects our blue and green world.

Reliability, Affordability, and Practice are the basis for our constant business principle of effort.

We treasure longstanding, loyal partnerships and want our customers to choose us again and again.

Once TrusKa, always TrusKa.

On-time Service

Our service and support teams are equipped with some of the best knowledge in the industry. We have the resources to troubleshoot, analyze, and solve our users’ requirements. 

TrusKa Machinery (TrusKa M.) never stops challenging ourselves to create and deliver sustainable and customized solutions to our customers on time, wherever they are.

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