Turbo Vortex Rain Gun Sprinkler TV45

Best feature of Turbo Vortex gun sprinkler is uniform spraying and good atomization.



TV45, TrusKa Turbo Vortex Spray Guns, adopting turbo vortex drive, through the water flow to different positions of the impeller to achieve forward and reverse rotation. To achieve uniform continuous spraying in both forward and reverse directions.

  • TV45 can use treated wastewater to spray agriculture or required sites directly.
  • Long radius distance sprinkler can be rotated at a uniform speed in a full or sector circle, and the rotation angle of the gun can be adjusted 0° ~ 360°. The sprinkler process is completely automatic, uniform, and smoothly rotating without manual intervention.
  • Mainly application for agricultural irrigation, function also drainage, stadium and pasture irrigation, landscaping, assembled on large-middle sized hose reel irrigators, large area irrigation projects, dust suppression or prevention places.
  • Variety size of nozzles to be option.
  • An adjustable water crusher can better produce small and uniform water drips. Its excellent spray atomization can be achieved even under low water pressure, thus significantly reducing energy costs. Its stable and reliable work will not affect water, soil, and fertilizer loss.
  • Turbine Vortex Spray Guns promote agricultural production in automatic mechanization.


  • Water inlet diameter:  40mm
  • Nozzle diameter:  12~22mm
  • Working pressure:  2~7bar
  • Flow rate:  8~39m3/h
  • Spray distance:  28~45m
  • Interface mode:  1″ 1/2 thread connection
  • Angle:  23°
  • Weight:  4.2kg
  • Product size: 58*15*27cm
TV45  Pressure Flow rate Spray distance
Nozzle Dia. (mm) bar m3/h m
14 2.0 8.4 21
3.0 9.9 25
4.0 11.5 27
16 3.0 14.3 27
4.0 17 29
5.0 18.2 31
18 3.0 18.2 30
4.0 21.1 33
5.0 23.5 35
20 4.0 26.3 33
5.0 29.5 35
6.0 32.2 37
22 5.0 33 38
6.0 34.5 42
7.0 36.2 45

Note: In its ongoing effort to enhance its products, TrusKa M. may bring some technical modificatios during the production; therefore the technical specifications and features of the irrigator maybe subject to change  without previous notice.

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