Motor Drive Hose Reel Traveler Irrigator M75-400

Water saving and high quality Hose reel traveler irrigation machine.



TrusKa M75-400 is a universal irrigation machine designed and constructed for labor-saving irrigation of varying lengths and widths of fields with the greatest variety of crops, etc.

The Motor drive rewinding M75-400 irrigator is characterized by an extraordinary price-performance ratio and maximum irrigation efficiency.  

  • Heavy-duty high density polyethylene hard hose
  • PE hose length is 400m
  • Microcomputer and touch screen control rewinding system speed
  • The chassis is turnable at 270° and the rotary chassis can easily be swiveled by one person into the desired working position.
  • Adaptable to irregular fields, obstructions and undulating terrain
  • The M75 series irrigator is equipped with a two-wheel sprinkler cart and covers a wide range spray gun.
  • We designed a twin guns sprinkler cart that got a patent in 2015. We can custom design upon your request.
  • Adopting high-quality agriculture rubber tires.
  • Heavy-duty sprinkle cart with adjustable wheel widths.
  • Can select Rain Gun Sprinklers AA50, Extended Arm AA50, TV50
    • Choosing angle 24° Gun Sprinkler for agriculture irrigation
  • Choosing an angle 44° Gun Sprinkler for dust suppression
Patent automatic alarm system and remote reminder users irrigation ending functions.
Patent automatic alarm system and remote reminder users irrigation ending functions.
one trolley assemble two turbo votex sprinklers 1S
twin guns sprinkler cart for your option.


Type M75-400
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 5230x2080x3060
Hose reel drum rewinding driving mode Motor 
rewinding speed control  Microcomputer and touch screen control
horizontal steering angle(°) 0~270°
numbers of hose layer 6
Hard hose material PE
PE-pipe dia. (mm) φ75
PE-pipe thickness (mm) 6.8
PE-pipe length  (m) 400
Gun sprinklers cart frame Gantry shape
driving mode Traction operation
wheels distance (mm) 1550~2500
Tyre inner diameter(inch) 10
clearance (mm) 1200
Rain Gun Sprinkler type Rotary  
quantity 1
model AA50, TV50 etc.
Pump flow (m3/h) 20~45
head (m) 78~104
power (KW) 9.2~18.5
Transport clearance (mm) 285
Tyre inner diameter(inch) 12

Please Note: We are ongoing effort to upgrade our products, which may bring some technical modifications during the production, therefore the technical specifications and features maybe subject to change without previous notice.


Important points

  • The first time you pull the PE hose out to start the irrigation, you have to pull it out compeletly leaving only 1 or 2 rings on the drum.
  • Before you rewind the PE hose, please be sure the gearbox lever is neutral position otherwise the gear box can be strongly damaged.
  • If the PE hose has been partially pulled out, probably some rings became loose on the drum and it’s necessary to pull it out compeletly to roll it up again so it will be all well tightened.
  • Sprinkler cart, only the tires together with the PE hose have to support the cart weight.

Transport irrigator safely

  • During the machine transport the max allowed speed is 10 km/h on flat roads.
  • The jack and both rear machine supports must be withdrawn to their uppermost position. The support legs must be secured with lock pins.
  • The PE-pipe must be fully wound up on the reel and the cart lifted.
  • The tractor pulls the sprinker car in working area, the trasport speed never exceed 5km/h.

Wind effect

  • The performance of a travelling irrigation machine can be greatly affected by wind, particularly when gun-type nozzles are used on high angle seetings.
  • Wind speeds greater than 3m/s can have significant effects on uniformity.


  • maitenance gearbox in 500 hours at first time, then need to mainten one time per year
  • maitenance reel transimission chains in 300 hours
  • maitenance reel rotary bearing, rotary bearing and all connecting bearings in 500 hours
  • Control peridically the tires pressure
  • Lubricate the sprinkler in every 400 hours 

irrigators store in winter

  • if the winter temperature will drop below freezing in the place that the machine will be strored, it’s better to partially empty the PE hose. use air compressor with air output 800L/min and pressure 0.25MPa, connecting air pressure with machine inlet water, then take off the water from PE hose.
  • Remove connecting soft hose, then drainage inside water of it. Keep the coiled soft hose in dry, well-ventilated and away from light place.
  • Store the cleared and lubricant irrigation in a sheltered place, not directly exposed.
  • Pay attention to the oil level of the gearbox window to ensure that the gear oil can be observed at the window. If not, fill gear oil to the oil window position.






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